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Public Relations Services

Public Relations are important for all those entities and people who have their presence amongst the masses in some way and are recognized by them. It is important for them to retain their positive perceptions in the minds of people for the longest period of time for their ultimate success. These perceptions can be created by taking a pro-active or a responsive approach depending upon the requirements of the client and situations.

Approach Communications , one of the leading PR agencies in India, has a reputation of developing innovative and effective PR strategies to help corporate develop their own and their brand’s positive image as also to manage the dwindling reputation of the celebrities. As one of the foremost PR consultancies in India, we offer our time-tested as well as new and creative PR ideas on the following services:

Corporate Relations Management

At Approach Communications, a young PR agency in New Delhi, either we take up the Public Relations management of the corporates or train their employees in this crucial domain. In exercise of the duties, the media queries are taken up by our trained experts who know what to say to media and how. This corporate PR management exercise is not limited to the public or the customers, but is also done very carefully with the stakeholders.

The experts of our PR agency Delhi office set target-oriented objectives and see to it that they are seamlessly executed through effective messaging, training for effective message delivery, focused outreach programmes and finally, evaluation of measurable results.

Reputation Management by our PR agency

In this age of media activeness, there is a good chance that the image of a corporate or a public figure can get marred due to adverse factual or fictional reporting. Even a trivial issue can assume astronomical proportions due to the media hype and do incalculable damage to the goodwill and image of a public figure.

That is where being one of the topmost integrated marketing communications agencies India helps our clients a lot. With our PR services in India, we can launch a corporate reputation management India wide campaign with a well thought out and calculated PR exercise across different media of communication to contain the negative fallout of the adverse publicity. This also makes us one of the most trusted image management agencies in India.

Issue Management

The reputation of a person, brand or organization is built over a long period of time. It is also a well-known fact that issues, small or big, do keep cropping up time and again in the working of an organization. The public relations agencies in India have been managing the issues of the clients. These need to be tackled by a very well documented process of issue management which shall tell how a particular issue shall be addressed.

Approach Communications about, with its PR consultancies in Mumbai, Gurgaon and Delhi offices, adopts innovative approach to Issue Management ensuring correct identification of problem situations for you, analyse them and provide feasible solutions for them – in short, prevent them flaring into crises. Our strategies on issue management seek to provide timely and accurate information to the internal and external stakeholders to blunt the impact of issues.

Crisis Communication

Crisis communication is the response to a crises situation after it has happened. Crisis communication is a part of crisis management and it forms one of our main corporate services. At Approach Communications, one of the leading corporate communications agencies in India, we take both preventive and curative steps to prevent and to contain the damage arising due to crisis situations. We prepare advance contingency plans and communicate problems with the stakeholders and all those who matter, in a way that does not significantly impact on your corporate image and reputation, and regains your lost positive public image through appropriate media relations, training, strategies, employee relations, community relations and other means.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The concept of corporate social responsibility (CSR) underlines the importance of the role of the corporate world to commit themselves to the social welfare and development. The contribution of the corporate to leverage their resources for the benefit of the people goes a long way to develop their virtuous image in the eyes of public at large and stakeholders in particular. CSR is add-on touchstone available to the modern corporate and is also a central part of the strategy to build strong brands. Leading PR companies in India use social responsibility to develop the positive perceptions in the minds of people for the corporate by communicating their efforts to them.

The corporate social responsibility methodology at Approach Communications, one of the most energetic PR firms in India, identifies, develops and manages programmes that are aligned with the goals and strategic planning processes of your organisation.

Media Relations

The media is probably the strongest tool and channel to create constant brand buzz and also consolidate your brand space. Media Relations refers to the relations with the different media persons. Approach Communications, one of the top PR Agencies in India, specialised Media Relations unit understands the need to build up good media relations for developing suitable corporate image and brand identity.

A few good words from the media persons at a trade fair and a little focus on your products or services, all this can set you apart from a number of other participants. The product launches, the press releases, the press conferences and the news from the company are some of the regular ways of company’s interactions with the media. Large organizations do have a separate in-house setup for maintaining this interaction but many others do require the PR agencies in India to arrange for and manage good media relations. The activities of our media relations PR agency seek to develop good relations between the clients and the media.

Our approach to developing media relations is based on the premise of truthfulness, honesty and sincerity. There is no attempt to hoodwink or mislead them or even misuse them. We value our relations and that is the reason for sustaining excellent media relations ever since our inception. Our media contacts have been used to give the clients appropriate media coverage for their needs and also the fresh, newsworthy stories for them to bring out on their respective channels of mass communication.


Approach Communications, an event Management Agency in New Delhi, is one of the fastest growing event management agencies in India. This specially cut out for top-notch event management services in India. Approach Entertainment, a sister concern of Approach Communications, is devoted to the entertainment management as a whole including the events and artists management. It has earned the reputation of being a thorough professional event management company in India. Our typical event coordination and execution package consists of impact-full conceptualisation down to step-by-step planning, organising, implementation and management of the events. Our customised event management services can be clubbed as:
Corporate Events: The organizations require some of their events to be held regularly. These could be the annual shareholders’ meet, some team building events, exercises and training programs, and many other similar events. Our event management company with its offices in Gurgaon, Delhi and Mumbai office cater to this service requirement.
Press conferences: For communicating the corporate developments with the people at large, for informing about anything new or even for the purpose of issuing clarifications or airing their viewpoint, the interaction with the media is facilitated by way of press conferences. The clients just have to inform us about the suitable time and place, and we will manage the rest right from calling out the media people from different channels and take care of their hospitality.
Product launch parties: If you wish to call a select group of people to a product launch party then we can certainly help you by calling the right celebs and famous people from the different walks of life, with your prior approval. We will make the event to come to life and your product and company will get the attention it deserves with full media coverage.
Celebrity appearances and performances: People love to have celebrities come to their functions and events. Our resourcefulness in this regard is unmatched since we can bring you the celebs not just from the films or small screen but also from as diverse fields as sports, performing arts, non-performing arts and many others and also from the whole of India. So, if you are a brand looking for a brand ambassador, we are here to help you with the names of the celebs who can be appropriately associated with your brand.
Seminars: Seminars and similar discussion forums are healthy for developing a broad outlook, tell your experiences and finding to the others from the same fields and then get enlightened by the each other’s knowledge and expertise. Approach organises these seminars at national as well as international levels and enlists participation of eminent personalities form specific fields.
Road Shows: Approach can make arrangements at grass root level to enable your product to take off from amongst the masses. We organize the road shows at specific places, supply you with the all the outdoor advertising material and even make arrangement for music and dance with all lighting and acoustics to make your road show a hit.
Exhibitions and Fairs: We work closely with the concerned authorities and our clients to organize the exhibitions and fairs successfully.
Inauguration ceremonies: The news of a new store launch can, at best, remain confined to a very local segment, unless media coverage and right publicity is given to the event. With Approach, the news of your store opening will get far and wide.
Live concerts: There is nothing more enthralling and captivating than the live concerts by the performing artists from different fields. Approach Communications keeps a tab on the upcoming talents whose exceptional talents are liked by the public. Its resources also include the maestros from diverse fields and parts of India. With the latest high tech instruments helpful in the delivery of quality performances to the creation of the right ambience, we, at Approach, take every minute detail into our consideration.
Awards ceremonies: The Awards Nights hold special significance for the awardees and are also a source of inspiration to the public at large. We utilise our knowledge and experience in holding the awards ceremonies for various purposes. These could be for honouring people who are gallant and brave, women who have fought against the odds, people who have striven to achieve excellence in their fields and many more. Approach makes sure that these events get to the public at large, motivating them to set higher standards of achievements.

Celebrity, Artist and Talent Management

Approach Communications, one among the top celebrity management agencies in India, knows how to up the glam quotient of an event with a celebrity or artist. Our celebrity management Mumbai office manages a celebrity promotional event for a particular product or film, store launch or ribbon-cutting ceremony, parties where celebrities are the centre of attraction with style and ease as we have experiences in holding such big bashes with professionalism since a long time. Approach Communications, offering celebrity management services in India, knows how to throw the most exciting Page 3 parties, fashion parties, lifestyle magazine parties with models and artists meeting the public and the press in a seamless manner using its celebrity image management India services.

Artist Management is yet another area where we provide end-to-end services – right from artist selection for a particular event, artist coordination, management and execution of the entire event. As a specialist artist management agency in India, we coordinate with some of the most outstanding performers in India in the fields of voiceover, spokespersons, hosts and actors, guest stars, co-stars, female models, male models, Club DJ's, singers – male and female Singers, Master of Ceremonies (MC's), mainstream artists etc.

While we seek to meet the client expectations by requesting the celebs to make their appearance, we also pay a great deal of attention to the artist or celeb side as well. With our artist management agencies in India, we also seek to provide the artists or celebs the right platform for their stature. Our artist management India office does play a close heed to what are the things which they keep close to their hearts and what they do not like. Working on their end, our network of artist management agencies in Mumbai arranges their time schedules and work in a way which retains their public value for the longest time.

Film Productions

Approach Communications, a quality film production company in India has been producing documentaries, feature films and commercials with the highly experienced crews.

Our creative team makes innovative ad campaigns for the clients that are run on different media. Our film script writers/editors/mangers take the preliminary brief or first cut of a script from a client. The script coordinators then make use of the vast digital photo library at our disposal to tailor the script and prepare visual references and image stocks. Creative inputs are then provided by our creative team to fine-tune the script and our film editorial team prepares the final script.

At Approach Communications, a leading film production agency in Delhi, we have a trustworthy and talented network of all the resources of film production including the technical crew who is at par international standards. We are in collaboration with the best equipment houses and studios as well. At Approach Communications, you will find a one-stop solution for all your film production needs.

In-Film Advertising

With the advent of commercial films made in India on whopping budgets and the advent of multiplex films and multiplex audiences, marketers and advertisers have hit upon one of the most innovative avenues of publicising their product and building greater brand visibility. Considering the reach of big-budget movies in India and the clout of multiplex movies on urban, educated and brand-savvy consumers of today it comes as no surprise that advertisers and brand owners consider the option of in-film advertising an effective and popular medium of advertising. Approach Communications, a leading advertising and PR company in India specialises in providing quality in-film advertising services.

We make commercial promos to run in the interval time. We also make arrangements to get the brand advertisement punch lines and brand photos shown in the popular films which these are being made. So, we also take care of brand-positioning.

Digital Media Solutions

The digital media refers to the electronic media which makes use of the interactive audio-video formats for delivering the required message to the public at large or to some target audience in particular. Some of the most common media mediums are television, radio, computer and internet and other media capable of streaming audio-video output. Approach Communications as a digital marketing India agency is steadfast in exploring the online communication opportunities. Approach Communications, one of the most promising digital marketing agencies of India, has a range of digital media initiatives covering all the above said media.

These activities form the core of our activities:
Research and analysis on the online market segments suited for your brand profile,
Research and analysis on product or brand profiles of the competitors,
Managing the reputation of the brands, people and the organizations and
Advocating or promoting the brands to the internet users.
Our range of Digital PR India service includes the following activities:

Web Analysis, Audit & Assessment

How would you rate your Google Quotient? Is your online presence slated in the right direction to fulfil your marketing communication goals? Are you being able to convey the right image of your brand, products and services to prospective customers and current stakeholders? Our streamlined methodology of analysing your presence across search engines, corporate web sites, blogs and social media helps us to chart out your activities on the web. We would be analysing the parameters of the site for the different types of web marketing initiatives, with special focus on the search engine optimization.

Search Marketing

Search engines determine the flow and volume of traffic to your website. The experts at our digital marketing Mumbai office draft the right plan for you so that the right keywords are incorporated into your web content that generates top rankings for your website. These keywords will be developed based on the target audience and your niche area of operation. Our team can develop both organic and paid search programs depending on your requirements. With improved ranking on the search engine results pages, we help improve your chances of getting more business.

Social Media Marketing

With social media fast emerging as one of the most engaging and expanding online platforms for businesses, we offer the right social media optimisation strategies as per your specific requirement. Our social media marketing India company makes sure your brand is doing the talking on Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and the like and creating sustainable readerships and taking your brand profile and message to the targeted audience.

Our social media PR India services are aimed at social media optimization which will help you to:
Select the target market from the online communities
Develop the catchy content that makes the reader read through it
Integrate social media for carrying out the public relations objectives

Web Analysis, Audit & Assessment

How would you rate your Google Quotient? Is your online presence slated in the right direction to fulfil your marketing communication goals? Are you being able to convey the right image of your brand, products and services to prospective customers and current stakeholders? Our streamlined methodology of analysing your presence across search engines, corporate web sites, blogs and social media helps us to chart out your activities on the web. We would be analysing the parameters of the site for the different types of web marketing initiatives, with special focus on the search engine optimization.


Corporate Blogs: It can be safely said that corporate blogging is the new age mantra for marketing corporate strategies and engaging in corporate chatter. We have an expert blogger team that will help you design, create, write, maintain, update and promote your company blog. Using our blog maintaining services, you can share your experiences with the internet users, convey your ideas and engage in gripping discussion on topics and issues of your interest.


Creativity is appealing. Creativity sets you apart from others. Creativity ingrained in the God gifted to create something new and unique for others to rejoice. At Approach Communications, we know recognise this need for creating something different, something very special for our clients which is relevant to meet their objectives. We develop advertisements in the different audio-visual formats to meet the objectives of the clients, whether it for establishing their brand identity or for sending across some message in public interest.

Creative Offerings

Corporate Films: These are the films required by the corporates which could be based on different themes. These could be tracing the trends of their evolution, their achievements, their activities and much more. The films could serve the purpose of being introductory, informative or even promotional. Our designed video movies of the corporate present the organization and its working in the right perspective. These are shown to the prospective clients to give them a visual treat of the whole spread of your activities and reach to different markets.

Corporate and Brand Identity: At Approach Communications, we are very well aware of the practical aspects of how to introduce a brand to the market, develop the brand awareness, create brand identity and eventually the brand loyalty. We have the resources to do the needful through any form of media.

Collateral Advertisement Design: The collateral designs from the Approach Communication’s creative department have enabled its clients to get business cards, business envelops, logos, newsletters, corporate brochures, manuals, catalogues, promotional kits, fliers and many other designed products made to deliver the required impact to the target audience.

Outdoor Marketing Activity: If you happen to move around, you will see a number of billboards, large LCD screens and a number of other printed and digital devices which are being used for outdoor marketing activity. Approach communications does the same for its clients as well. Our outdoor marketing activities extend to urban, semi-urban and rural areas as well.

Online Identity: Approach seeks to establish your identity on the internet medium so that your brand remains visible on different internet resources and gets etched as top-of-the mind brand for the internet users. Using the banner ads art various content and other sites, inbound links from different internet sources and a number of other ways, we seek to create the online identity for your brand. We know all too well that your website is your face to the world. We make a website which is not only reflective of your brand ethos but is also made of a futuristic technology.

Corporate Content Management

Very often the corporates require the content for meeting their different needs. This could be for the speech that their director has to deliver, the online marketing activity that they have to do for the SEO purposes, the advertisement content, the press releases, developing the case studies and what not. Content is all pervasive, from things written down to the words spoken out.

Approach offers content writing services in India, we have creative content planners, writers, technical writers, website content writers, bloggers, experienced editors, proof-readers and content managers. Our style sheets are the results of exercises of meticulous research, in-depth knowledge and quality work. We develop unique style sheets depending on the project we are handling. Our content managers take the brief from the client, the content planners then brainstorms upon it along with stream-specific writers, which the writers then proceed to work upon within the set deadline. Our well-versed editors and proof-readers then use editing skills to make sure that the content is sound, relevant and error-free. We adapt our writing styles to suit the callings of a particular publication, organisation, agency, corporate houses and individual clients and are flexible to accommodate changes.

Approach Communications, a leading content writing agency in New Delhi, is capable of delivering the voluminous work of good quality. Our creative team develops the content for different purposes like the websites, corporate brochures, magazines, newsletters, books, induction manuals and presentations. Our designers make sure that we add value to the text so as to enhance the power of communication.

Content Offerings from content writing Mumbai office:
Keyword based SEO content Company Newsletter/In-house Magazine
Informative Articles Direct Mailers
Website Content Customer Case Studies
Media Content Speech Research and Writing
Advertising Copies Corporate Books
Story Board Corporate Blogs

Approach Rural and Go Rural India

Approach Rural and Go Rural India are the rural communications and marketing division of Approach Communications. Rural marketing has witnessed a phenomenal growth in the last few years as the urban markets are already saturated with an overdose of brands.

Rural consumers are more aware or curious about branded products. With a significant chunk of population living in rural areas, the marketers cannot afford to ignore the same. Approach Communications, a vigorous rural marketing and PR agency in India, provides end-to-end rural marketing services. Long ago, we had identified the need rural consumers felt to not go to a nearby city to buy branded goods and wished they were available locally and we had launched our prolific rural marketing campaigns then.

The methods of rural marketing are different from those of the urban centres. With our highly developed rural knowledge base and resource centre, Approach Communications stands out as a leading rural communications agency in India.

More content on rural communications has to be added and activities are to be written.
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